Polylog Consulting Group have the experience to do any project in the field of communications. But in the opinion of our customers, some communications services we provide better than all the competitors. These services are:

  1. Integrated public relations campaigns and branding solutions.
  2. Government relations (GR) and lobbying issues for business representatives.
  3. Publishing of corporate newspapers and magazines.
  4. Event marketing.
  5. Marketing solutions of public relations compaigns.
  6. Market research and public relations analysis.
  7. Corporate training: media-relations, external communications, personal performance skills, etc.

Polylog Consulting Group works individually with each client, and all the decisions of CG are unique. Nonetheless, we always hold on to the basic principles of our work, which consist of seven consecutive stages:

  1. Determination of clients’ needs and communication goals
  2. Determination of the target audiences, the study of their key information needs
  3. The design of the information campaign, development of necessary tools and activities
  4. Development of a system of gathering and harmonizing the information inside the client companies, the development of regulations for the communications with target groups
  5. Implementation of information campaign and planned events
  6. The study of following changes and the feedback received after the project
  7. Correction of inventions